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Evan's Actor Reel Editing Services

I'm an actor with a knack for creating professional reels that highlight an actor's best work, whether it's for film, commercial projects, comedy or drama.     
I charge $120 for a complete 2-minute reel. That includes a 15-20 minute phone consultation so I get to know you and what you’re looking for. You’re the boss. 
To choose your best work, I’ll work with as many clips as you like. But if you have an excessive amount of clips to go through or would like many rounds of re-edits, an additional charge may apply.
If you have any questions, contact me: or at 415-722-3670.

Here's some of my work...

Nina Jordan - Commercial Reel

Juliet Donenfeld - Actor Reel

Ashley Ying - Actor Reel

Liz Frederick - Actor Reel

Evan Sokol - Actor Reel

Marshall Berenson - Actor Reel

Gene Mocsy - Actor Reel

Heather Hiatt - Actor Reel

Nina Jordan - Actor Reel

Evan Sokol - Commercial Reel

Scott Van de Mark - Actor Reel

Alex Shafer - Actor Reel

Fabien Ferhani - Actor Reel

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